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Type in Tamil Script using English Letters

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  • 'Type in Tamil' app is an English to Tamil transliteration tool that intuitively converts Tamil words written in English letters into equivalent words in Tamil script.
  • After typing the word in english based on the sound of the tamil word, just hit the space button and the word will be converted automatically into Tamil script.
  • You don't need to be exact in typing the word like most other apps and this 'Type in Tamil' app is intelligent enough to understand what you are typing.
  • Provides various word suggestions based on what you type so that you can select the appropriate tamil word if necessary.
  • 'Type in Tamil' app allows you to share and store the converted Tamil script using any app on your phone such as WhatsApp, SMS Messages, GMail Messages, Saving as Documents, Copy the text and paste in other apps etc
  • Using this app you can now easily share messages in tamil script on your WhatsApp groups, send SMS messages in Tamil, Send Emails in Tamil and use tamil language in any app that supports utf-8 encoding.

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